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Art for 'Things Behind the Sun' by hobnailedboots

Title: 'Things Behind the Sun'
Author: hobnailedboots (Story Masterpost here or start reading at part I)
Artist: nane0
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG for Art
Created for paperlegends.

Artist's Notes: Like last time, I have to thank beethemonster for always having an open ear and Ti for complaining about Morgana's lack of breasts and generally being wonderful. And, of course a huge thanks to hobnailedboots for writing this fic and working with me! You are fantastic :)

If you want to read teasers of the story, you can click on the spoiler tags below.



“Merlin!” Lancelot shouted, shrugging off his chainmail and searching the water for his form.

“Grab the branches!” Merlin sputtered, surfacing next to the mass of trees and scrabbling for purchase on a trunk.

“Have you gone completely mad?” This from Arthur, who was, like the other knights, gathered at the very edge of the ridge.



She trickled more of the rainwater past Morgause's cracked lips, and blinked away the tiredness.

It had been a few weeks now – she'd scraped the days into the wall with a sharp rock she'd found at the cave entrance – but she'd not made any attempt to go somewhere else. Morgause had shown no signs of, well, anything, really. She merely lay there, her hair grown thin and lank, her cloaks enveloping her wasted frame in a premature shroud.



“Arthur'd behead me,” he said, without any respect for things like volume or pitch. He knocked on the door wildly, beating out what at the time he thought was a nice little rhythm.

Gwen opened the door, her hair curling everywhere and her eyes bleary with sleep.

“He'd absolutely bloody kill me,” he said excitedly. He uncurled a fist, showing her the fire dancing about in his palm.



A laugh bounced off the castle walls. Merlin tried to sit up, and had a warm paw the size of his head pin him back down to the stone. Evidently he was expected to remain still whilst he was licked to the bone.

“Help me!” he sputtered.

“Can't you get up yourself, Merlin?”



Merlin pushes that from his mind and shoots a massive ball of gold energy into the sky.

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